"A book of simple insights for everyday use from the age old wisdom of the Tarot".

This full colour beautifully bound work is a mixture of ancient wisdom and modern therapeutic psychology blended together in romantic Old World language.

You can use the book with any Tarot deck and your favourite spread, then refer to the book for their interpretation, or simply, feel the book out, allow your fingers to run across the pages and when it feels right, open it and there is your thought for the day.

We have designed the book and now the website to give people as close as possible a replica of the now aged and worn exercise book that has been a constant companion of Kenn for the last 20 years, journeying with him in his shoulder bag through the hills and the back streets, through coffee spills, dropping in the creek and the fingerprints of thousands of delighted readers as they flicked through and read from the now famous book.
Each of the 78 double pages has an illustration and a thought for the day, or, an answer to your question.

The book of life was written to be accessible to all. It uses beautiful poetry in parts that gives readers a good feeling, and is written in such a way as to make it easy to read and does not require you know anything about the Tarot. It presents a different and refreshing reality and reaches into reader's hearts rather than their minds.

Whatever way we approach this, what we are presenting is a powerful teaching tool, a tool that, as a friend of Kenn's so clearly put, "It makes one realise the wisdom in oneself, you can see the obvious truth therein, that sense of, 'I've always thought like that".


Dedicated to:
    My parents for my past
    Nimbin for my present
    My daughter for my future

Very special thanks to Marian Henderson for the painting

Copyright © Kenn Austin, 2001
Website: www.seekenn.com