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The idea as a seed. Sense of self - the me principle. I am. The planting of the seed.

Awareness of other. We are. Here is created all opposites so we find the separation between self and other and the quest for unity. The need for receptivity in order that the creativity of the seed is not lost in it's germination.

Potential created by the awareness of the polarisation of two. It is important that potential must be firmly based on awareness (triangle) rather than awareness based on potential (upside down triangle) if the whole is to be balanced and constructive. Awareness based on potential lacks stability and is more easily lost.

At this point we begin to give form to the potential of three. The tetrahedron (four sided) gives the first three dimensional figure thus providing a stable base for further development.

As the fifth point developing the pyramid it suggests the centring of aspiration from a firm foundation. Five physical senses and five digits on each hand to comprehend and manipulate the environment. Being at the centre of the single digits (1 - 9) it expresses the need to centre within the heart of the experience.

Desire for union of opposites. Seeking to draw to oneself the aim of the quest. By merging the two triangles we bring a sense of wholeness that gives us the ability to move forward.

Testing ideas in reality. Trial and error as a medium of learning. Pruning the tree that it might be fruitful.

Development of Compassion as a result of discipline and patience. The ability to be able to wait and not to be hasty before the time is right.

Potential of potential (3x3). Here we come to completion. Time of harvest of the product of the seed potential. Understanding and wisdom born of the trials of germination and growth.

Culmination. The collection and protection of the seeds of new creations. Here we come to the transition point between the outer and inner realities of the path we follow.

Fire   (Wands)
Creative desire. Intuitive thought.
The fire must be fed in order to survive but it also needs to be controlled so as to avoid devastation.
Water   (Cups)
Feeling and emotion. Sensitivity.
Water will always find the easiest path to its goal, filling any depression along the way. If we experience regular inundations of flood maybe we should plant rice instead of wheat. Beware of becoming a stagnant pool unable to flow out. Heat draws water up, cold makes it fall.
Air   (Swords)
Thoughts and communication/conflict.
The wind can be the gentle communion of the breeze on the river bank or the frightening tirade of the gale.
Earth   (Disks)
Practical application/materialism.
The nature of earth is that it needs the other elements to be productive, without one, the others can be devastating. Earth is acted upon and tries to grow as a result, think of droughts, floods, soil blow and bushfire/cyclone.


Cardinal   (Queen)
Reaching out into life to gain new experience. Except for Aries they put out the message and wait for others to pick it up.

Fixed   (King)
Drawing others to oneself. Self as the centre of being, according to the element.

Mutable   (Page)
Interchangability. The ability to move between the two previous modes and create communication.

Motive   (Knight)
The ability to move forward rather than breathing in and out. Transition stage between minor and major arcarnum (becoming the Dreamer).

Major Arcana

Book of Life Traditional decks Number
Total 22
The Dreamer The World XXI
The Maze The Wheel of Fortune X
The Thinker The Devil XV
The Emperor  (same) IV
The Empress  (same) III
The Warrior The Chariot VII
The Priest The Pope V
The Seeker The Hermit IX
The Moon  (same) XVIII
Sacrifice The Hanged Man XII
Integrity Strength XI or VIII
Moderation Temperance XIV
The Teacher The Sun XIX
Unity The Lovers VI
Acceptance Justice VIII or XI
Transformation Death XIII
The Tower  (same) XVI
The Star  (same) XVII
The Magician  (same) I
The Priestess The High Priestess II
The Dancer The Fool 0
The Knower Judgement XX
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