Kenn The Author

After serving 12 months in Vietnam Kenn came home disillusioned and so he began a journey of intensive study to find out who he really was.
Starting from a psychological basis he continued on to a spiritual inquiry during which he moved to Nimbin with others of the 'Aquarius Festival' in 1980. It was there whilst he was teaching Astrology and Tarot to the children that he realized all the current books were too confusing, so he set about writing one that simply gave insights without requiring a knowledge of the cards. It was a 9 year journey starting with the hand drawn images, and then the long process of the words, some coming in a flash of insight and some laboriously over the 9 year period until the book was complete in 1990.
During the next 13 years he continued as a practicing Astrology and Tarot reader on the streets of Nimbin exposing his book to the world through the tourists who flocked to the now famous town. He was asked time and again if they could buy a copy of the now tattered and worn book that had been a constant companion of Kenn, journeying with him in his shoulder bag through the hills and the back streets, through coffee spills, dropping in the creek and the fingerprints of thousands of delighted readers as they flicked through and read from the now famous book.
And now Kenn has agreed to make it available to all, as it was always intended, and we have endeavored to give each of you as close as possible a replica of the original book, knowing always that no matter how it was presented it would carry with it Kenn's spirit and you can take it from me, to spend time with Kenn is to spend time with a master.
We give you "The Book of Life".
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